what is Velotrixi

These three-wheel vehicles are designed in futuristic concept, which makes their look and ride itself an unique experience. Thanks to their novel appearance Velotrixi attract passers – by attention at every turn.

This concept already works in many other countries: Germany, Spain, Japan, Great Britain, Denmark, etc.

Velotrixi is not a motor vehicle, although it can run with electric engine, which helps drivers when needed. As a result, Velotrixi are environment-friendly and do not produce noise. Electric engine is not replacing the actuall pedaling, only helps our drivers to deal with a rough terrain. The engine use is just up to a driver´s decision. The engine automatically turns off when reaching a speed of 11 km/hour.

Velotrixi drivers are enthusiasts and fans of outdoor move who have gone through strict selection in order to assure a safe drive and guarantee a pleasant experience from the ride! They are also able to provide an interpretation of Prague in Czech and English.

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